Guidelines Designing with Recycled Plastics developed by Philips and plastic chain partners

Bureau MVO produced a video about the development by Philips and other partners in the Plastic Value Chain of Guidelines ‘Designing with Recycled Plastics’ to show one of the numerous results of the collaboration within the Plastic Value Chain for the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. This video is part of numerous communication activities we perform for the Ministry.

In the Guidelines ‘Designing with Recycled Plastics’ the most important tips and tricks are shared for the application of recycled plastic in injection moulding products.

In this project, Partners for Innovation worked together with six leading Dutch companies: AKG, Cumapol, Curver, Océ, Philips en Schoeller Allibert, to develop guidelines and case video’s. The Guidelines describe the whole process for the application of recycled plastics. By sharing this information with designers, R&D staff, knowledge institutes, suppliers and plastic converters, we inspire the rest of the market to use more recycled plastics in high-end products.

As a result of this project Partners for Innovation also published a case guide. In the case guide ‘Designing with Recycled Plastics’, companies share their experiences with the application of recycled plastics. Every case is linked to a video (in English).

The Guidelines are the result of a chain project (NRK-MJA-3), initiated by Philips and Partners for Innovation. The idea for this project started in the working group ‘Recyclate and Product Design’ of the Dutch Plastic Value Chain Agreement, in Dutch: het Kunststof Keten Akkoord.

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